The Sydney Christian Schools Teaching Hub

The Sydney Christian Schools Teaching Hub (SCSTH) offers a unique Christ-centred approach to initial teacher training.

Trainee Teachers are positioned in the classroom and employed on a part-time basis from the commencement of their degree.

This apprenticeship model, in partnership with Alphacrucis University College, ensures that Trainee Teachers are equipped both professionally and spiritually for the role of a Christian school teacher.

“Because we loved you so much, we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well”  1 Thess 2:8

At the heart of this approach is the importance of building strong relationships and opportunities for the next generation of Christian Teachers to become classroom ready. To reframe initial teacher education and the first few years of teaching. This should be not just a season to survive but a time to grow and thrive. 

Becoming a Christian Teacher is more than learning educational theory, understanding worldview and classroom management and the successful completion of university requirements. It is about growing hearts to serve the Lord and bringing an authentic faith to shape all we do. This requires the support and wisdom of a community and purposefully developing mentoring relationships. 

7 Schools, One Heart

The Sydney Christian Schools Teaching Hub is a partnership between 7 Christian Schools from across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area. Although each school has a unique culture and context, member schools all share a common heart for providing high-quality Christian Education.



For too long Initial Teacher Education has created a gap between theory and practice. The journey of an SCSCH Trainee provides opportunities to make sure they have a context to apply what they are learning in their tertiary studies and the opportunity to progressively observe and practice the craft of Christian Education while also learning the skills and habits needed in the day-to-day reality of the classroom.

Innovative and Proven

Our approach is new and highly innovative yet it has already been proven through the fruit of pioneering Teaching Schools which the SCSTH continues to collaborate closely with. Already, graduates from Teaching Hubs provide the best evidence of Christian Teachers who are not only classroom ready, but well-equipped to continue to grow and flourish and well-positioned to become a future generation of leaders in Christian Education. With around 1 in 4 of the 22,000 students enrolled in Christian Schools in NSW represented by our member schools in 2022, this is an incredible opportunity!

Part of Movement

The Teaching School is one of the most significant developments in Initial Teacher Education in Australia in recent times as principals, tertiary partners, future teachers, and school communities see the value of this apprenticeship-based approach. Training and education provided work best when trainees are given the support they need and the opportunities for their formation as teachers and in many cases, future educational leaders.