Trainee Experience

School Experience and Your Mentor

“I have learnt more about teaching in the Sydney Christian Schools Teaching Hub in a few weeks than what I learn in 2 years when I was studying elsewhere.”

Testimonial of one of the Trainees from the 2023 Cohort

Each Trainee is paid while they are placed in a classroom with a Christian Mentor Teacher one day a week. This provides an opportunity to:

  • Observe a range of teachers, classes representing a range of ages
  • Over time, progressively do more of the things that teachers do and put theory into practice
  • Regularly receive feedback
  • Get to know students and build relationships with a school community
  • Participate in the life of a Christian School community including the opportunity to become involved in areas related to the gifts and strengths of Trainees such as co-curricular activities, sport and excursions
  • Learn what it means to be a part of team and Christian School community as a member of staff

Tertiary Studies with Alphacrucis

Trainees complete a NESA approved course of studies with Alphacrucis University College. Lectures are delivered online which saves time commuting into campus and Lecturers share our vision for Christian Education. Trainees can train to become:

  • Early Learning
  • Primary Teachers
  • Secondary Teacher Specialists

Students can choose between a 4 year Bachelor of Education degree or, for those who have already completed a suitable Bachelor degree, can complete a 2 year Masters Degree.

Trainees that are employed at the conclusion of the program by a member school have the benefit of 50% of their university tuition fees reimbursed in their first 4 years of employment. Click here for more information.

Teaching Hub

Each week Trainees meet for Insight Sessions hosted by different member schools. This provides a unique opportunity for Trainees to:

  • Get practical support with Tertiary studies and Professional Experience Placements
  • Share classroom experiences and learn the craft of Christian Education
  • Develop a supportive network of Christian Teachers
  • Benefit and support each other through pastoral care, with every Trainee known personally
  • Learn ways to success and flourish as a Christian Teacher
  • Learn from a wide range of highly experienced and skilled Christian Educators including executive leaders, students, teachers and also from each other
  • Experience an understanding of the different expressions of Christian Education and also imagine future developments
  • Discuss hot topics and current developments in Christian Education